Apart from coming across the many pitfalls over and over again, there are those moments when we see or hear something that simply baffles us.

These range from attempts to be politically clever in order to cover one's ass to the downright stupid. This page is dedicated to anecdotes and quotes that should either put a smile on your face or make you want to weep for the world.

"It's not a Change Request. It's a Requirements Defect!"

That time the client's Project Manager tried to hide the fact that there were shortcomings in the signed-off requirements and pass it off as a defect we had to fix. Free of charge, of course.

umbrella project manager

noun [C] / ʌmˈbrel.ə prɒdʒ.ekt ˈmæn.ɪ.dʒər

someone whose job is to float between the Steering Committee and the actual project manager  

Melissa is umbrella project manager

"We have a Zero Defect policy"

(Be prepared to spend a gazillion bucks without ever going live)


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